Greendale Business Park - Greendale South.jpg

Greendale South is the historic core of the Business Park. It is home to the estate office and some of the Park’s longest-established occupiers. 

Unit 1     Capricorn Contract Furnishings 
Unit 2    Westexe Storage
Unit 3    Geo Amey
Unit 4    Raceworld 
Unit 5    Pit Stop Café
Unit 6    Ainscough Crane Hire
Unit 6a  Naturalmat
Unit 7    Opus Plastics & Extrusion Lines
Unit 8    Rocks Drinks
Unit 9    Rocks Drinks
Unit 10  Bishops Move


Meet Raceworld. A professional Go Kart track, Raceworld is the longest-established tenant on Greendale Business Park. Raceworld took occupation of Unit 4 at the Park in December 1994; at 32,000 square feet, this warehouse unit in the Greendale South Zone has provided a great base for the business as it continues to grow.


Greendale Central comprises a range of buildings and yards/compounds. It incorporates the fuel pumps and vehicle wash.

Compound 11 EBCS Leisure
Unit 12     A Dogs Day Out
Unit 13     Broadoak Garage
Unit 14                         Mulberry Catering
Compound 14a     Broadoak Garage
Unit 15-18     LL Exeter
Unit 19   Exhaust Tyres & Batteries
Compound 20   Prestige and Classic
Unit 21   LL Exeter
Compound 22     Dainton Self Storage
Unit 23     Fedex UK
Compound 24     Bon Gout
Compound 25     OSS Group
Compound 26     Pickle Shack
Compound 27,28,30    Forest Traffic Services
Unit 29     Weddel Swift
Compound 29a     Vacant
Compound 29b    Synergy recycling
Unit 31     DHL
Compound 32   Ainscough Crane Hire
Compound 32b     Marstons
Compound 33     Kier
Compound 33a     Kier
Compound 34     Gregory's Water Services
Compound 35     Marstons
Compound 36     Barton Block and Stone
Compound 37     Langdale Scaffolding
Compound 38     The Professional Parcel Company
Unit 38a & 38c     LL Exeter
Unit 38b     LLExeter
Unit 38c     LLExeter
Compound 40     Andy Loos
Compound 46     City West Commercials
Compound 51     Suez


LLExeter is the UK’s largest importer and distributer of Chinese motorbikes, scooters and associated parts. Back in January 2008, the then-start-up company occupied Unit 3 and Units 15-18 at Greendale Business Park; it then relocated from Unit 3 to Unit 21, and subsequently expanded to incorporate Units 38a, 38b and 38c. By floor area, LLExeter is the largest tenant at the Park, occupying a total of 68,000 square feet in the Greendale Central zone. 

Currently employing a staff of 30, the company has a well-deserved reputation for excellent service, winning top prize for Scooter Franchise of the Year 2016 at the British Dealer News Awards, and noted as a runner-up for Motorbike Franchise of the Year 2016.



Greendale Business Park - Greendale West.jpg

Greendale West is the most recent strategic expansion of the Business Park. It includes a range of buildings, yards/compounds and sites for the development of new buildings.

Unit 38d     R&M Utilities
Compound 41     Rick Stokes Transport
Unit 42     Suez
Compound 44     Royal Mail
Compound 45     Wales & West Utilities 
Compound 48     Macrotech
Compound 48b     Energycare Insulations
Compound 48c     Harrington Scaffolding
Compound 48d     Wales & West Utilities
Compound 48e     Wales & West Utilities
Unit 49                  UK Mail
Compound 50     Westexe Storage
Compound 51     Suez
Compound 52    Westexe Forklifts
Compound 53    Event Hire Solutions
Unit 54     Suez
Unit 55     Suez
Compound 56     AO
Compound 57     AFI-Uplift & UTN Training
Compound 58    MGF
Compound 59     Certas Energy
Compound 60     Viridor
Compound 61     Walon
Compound 62     Viridor
Compound 63     Go Plant
Compound 64     BML Constructione


FEATURED TENANT: R&M Utility & Civil Engineering Services 

One of the South West’s largest utility companies, R&M Utility & Civil Engineering Services arrived at Greendale Business Park in February 2012. Taking occupation of Compound 38d, R&M then expanded rapidly from a yard with temporary buildings to a new ‘turn-key’ office building and yard, which has recently been extended; Unit 38d comprises 4,800 square feet, with an additional yard (14,000 square feet) in the Greendale Central zone.


Greendale East offers a range of larger warehouses and yards. 

Unit East 1     Macduff Shellfish
Unit East 2     Original Style
Unit East 3     Original Style
Unit East 4     Original Style
Unit East 5     Devon Trucks Centre
Compound East 6A    Vacant
Compound East 6B    SCI Leisure
Compound East 6C    Chevron
Compound East 6D    Cooler Commercials
Compound East 6E    SCI Leisure
Compound East 6F    City West Country
Compound East 7   Data Solutions
Compound East 8    R J Rich
Compound East 9  Twocorp


Headquartered at the nearby Sowton Industrial Estate in Exeter, Original Style have been a longstanding occupier at Greendale East where they currently occupy 35,000 sq ft of warehouse space as a satellite storage depot. The business has been manufacturing and distributing tiles in Exeter for over 30 years using a combination of quality raw materials, traditional techniques alongside new technology, and a skilled and dedicated work force.



Hogsbrook comprises 23 smaller buildings, most of which are occupied by SMEs.

Unit 4   Indalo International
Unit 5    M Cocks
Unit 6   Gellie
Unt 7    Lagjander
Unit 8  MaintainEx
Unit 8    Brooklands Events
Unit 10 Powderkeg
Unit 11   Synchro Plant
Unit 12   All Metal Welding
Unit 13   All Metal Stores
Unit 14   Peco
Unit 15   Advanced Decking Solutions
Unit 16   Original Style
Unit 17   S P Sales
Unit 18   Peco
Unit 19   Luminous Show Technology
Unit 20   Hampton Decking
Unit 21   Sam Marles Plant Hire
Unit 22   Composite Projects
Unit 23   Westexe Storage
Unit 24   Westexe Storage


FEATURED TENANT: Powderkeg Brewery

This award-winning micro-brewery began as a start-up business here at Greendale Business Park, in April 2015; comprising 3,000 square feet and located in the Park’s Hogsbrook zone, Unit 10 was provided to meet Powderkeg’s specific requirements. Combining international beer styles with ingredients sourced from around the world, Powderkeg beers are hand-crafted in small batches, naturally carbonated and matured to their best on-site at the brewery.