Exeter, regarded as the ‘capital city’ of Devon, has been a commercial hub since Roman times. With an estimated population of 127,300, it is one of two large urban centres within Devon (Plymouth being the other), and is well-connected by road, rail and air. The city is home to world-class research, education and training organisations, particularly the University of Exeter, and hosts a fast-growing technology sector. Exeter has a thriving retail scene, boosted recently by the opening of eight new restaurants in the Guildhall Shopping and Dining Centre, and the beginning of work on IKEA’s new store on the city outskirts.

More than £500m was invested in the Exeter region between 2011 and 2016, and new investments are ongoing. Significant sums have been spent on the area’s infrastructure, enabling improvements to roads, cycle paths and flood prevention schemes, as well as the creation of new railway stations at Newcourt and Cranbrook; further recent investment in the region has also seen the creation of new housing, new university facilities, new business premises and improved sports facilities. This investment is a mark of confidence in the region’s healthy economy and strong market position; Greendale Business Park is well placed to reap the benefits of (and indeed contribute to) the ongoing economic success of Exeter and its locale.