Greendale has a long-standing family tradition of farming and working the land locally. This means the company has a deep respect for (and a vested interest in protecting) the immediate environment in and around Greendale Business Park. Recognising the need to address the pressing energy, climate and pollution issues currently affecting the global environment, Greendale is also working towards a number of ways to develop the Park into a more sustainable concern, with the joint aims of providing a healthier, more ecologically responsible workplace for tenants, and minimising its impact on both the local community and the wider world.

Over trees planted

The Carter family, which owns the Greendale Business Park, has planted over 23,000 trees on 21 hectares of land surrounding the business park. Today, many of the tree plantations surrounding the site have grown to become sizeable deciduous broadleaf woodlands

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Energy saving

Several smaller-scale roof- and ground-mounted solar PV installations have also been developed to generate electricity. New buildings at the Park are designed to incorporate energy-saving technology wherever possible, with retrospective improvements to existing buildings also undertaken as required by individual occupiers.


Greendale’s sustainability programme will continue to evolve. The company has already carried out an extensive landscaping programme at the Park, in keeping with the rural setting. This provides a more pleasant working atmosphere for Park tenants, limits the visual impact of Park buildings on the immediate setting and (importantly) also benefits local wildlife. Exeter Beekeepers’ Association has established an Apiary at Greendale.


The park’s attenuation pond, used to store any surface water run-off, has also become a useful wildlife habitat.  It is linked to the local footpath/cycle path network.

Public transport

One of the easiest ways to help improve eco credentials is to facilitate ‘green travel’ for Park occupants; happily, Greendale Business Park is ideally located for an easy bus ride or cycle-commute to work.

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