This award-winning micro-brewery began as a start-up business here at Greendale Business Park, in April 2015; comprising 3,000 square feet and located in the Park’s Hogsbrook zone, Unit 10 was provided to meet Powderkeg’s specific requirements. Combining international beer styles with ingredients sourced from around the world, Powderkeg beers are hand-crafted in small batches, naturally carbonated and matured to their best on-site at the brewery. Powderkeg’s innovative range of real ales and lager has quickly garnered respect and recognition;

‘Cut Loose’, a traditional pilsner, won ‘Best Lager’ at the 2016 IWSC Beer Awards. The company currently has two employees.

John Magill, founder and owner of the brewery said: ‘At Powderkeg we look forward and outward. We combine international beer styles with exciting new ingredients sourced from around the world, tweaking tradition to produce progressive beers for those that think about what they drink.’