Over the last 15 years, the Carter family, which owns the Greendale Business Park, has planted over 23,000 trees on 21 hectares of land surrounding the business park. Today, many of the tree plantations surrounding the site have grown to become sizeable deciduous broadleaf woodlands providing important habitats for local wildlife. The tree plantations also provide important visual and sound mitigation from the employment activities which take place at the business park. In addition to its tree planting initiatives, the family also provides land for the use of Woodbury Salterton residents as allotments, located off Stony Lane. These allotments are surrounded by a tree plantation which was planted by the family.

Owning the farm land around the business park has meant that the family has had the opportunity to carry out the tree planting initiatives as well as work with an energy provider which has invested significantly in an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility at the business park. This AD facility converts crops and manure from the family’s farm into electricity. This electricity then provides a sustainable source of energy for the businesses located at the park and their respective 1,600 employees which work at the business park. The family views planting trees and investing in sustainable energy as important investments in the future and continues to look for new initiatives to invest in and support.