Greendale Business Park is currently home to more than 100 companies; some are major national names, others are smaller, more niche businesses, but all of them see the value in the Park’s strategic location and amenities. Offering a variety of products and services, this wide range of thriving companies is a good indication that businesses flourish at Greendale.

To showcase the businesses operating at Greendale Business Park, we’re making a series of short films; the latest in the series focuses on The Westexe Group, which comprises of Westexe Fortlifts and Westexe Storage. In the film, Director Greg Vooght explains how the Park has enabled his business to enjoy rapid growth and success.

The Westexe Group joined Greendale Business Park in 2017, with the main objective being to grow the business and establish a presence in south-west England. It soon became clear that the Park was a good ‘fit’ for Westexe; not only did it provide space for the business to increase its operations, it also offered the perfect location for easy access to the M5 corridor.

In two years, The Westexe Group has been able to double its turnover, increasing its storage space to hold over 12,000 palettes, and it now employs 55 people, all of whom live within a 50-mile radius of Greendale Business Park. Reflecting this successful growth, Westexe recently took on a new 22,000 sq ft unit, and has commissioned an extension to this new unit to further increase its size to 45,000 sq ft. Built to Westexe’s specifications, the extension is being constructed around a steel frame fabricated on site by Greendale, and many of the components and services used have been sourced from other tenants at the Business Park, including Jet Set (concrete) and AFI Uplift (access platform). In terms of total square footage held, The Westexe Group is now the Park’s largest tenant, occupying five units across the site.



Sites are available for the development of B1 (light industrial/office), B2 (general industrial), B8 (storage and distribution) and suis generis waste and non-waste related uses (subject to grant of the necessary planning consents). New bespoke units can be built on a ‘turn-key’ design-and-build basis to suit individual occupiers’ requirements, from 10,000 square feet (929m2) to 100,000 square feet (9,290m2). Greendale Business Park employs dedicated staff to carry out on-site maintenance and delivery of new buildings, as well as administration of day-to-day estate management and landlord and tenant matters. Friendly and capable, they’re ready to help whenever needed.

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