Greendale Business Park is currently home to more than 100 companies; some are major national names, others are smaller, more niche businesses, but all of them see the value in the Park’s strategic location and amenities. Offering a variety of products and services, this wide range of thriving companies is a good indication that businesses flourish at Greendale.

To showcase the businesses operating at Greendale Business Park, we’re making a series of short films; the latest in the series focuses on Llexeter Ltd. In the film, Llexeter’s Business Development Manager, Dan Frost, explains how Greendale has helped the business to expand.

The UK’s largest importer and distributor of Chinese motorbikes, scooters and associated parts, Llexeter Ltd is also home to some of the UKs most exciting and successful motorcycle brands. The company has seen rapid growth, rising quickly to become a global influencer in the motorcycle industry.

Joining Greendale Business Park in 2006, initially requiring storage solutions, Llexeter subsequently moved its complete business operation to Greendale one year later, creating office space, warehousing and a parts-distribution centre. Today, by floor area, Llexeter is the largest tenant at the Park, occupying a total of 68,000 square feet in the Greendale Central Zone. The company employs over 30 people, all of whom live within a 50-mile radius of Greendale Business Park.

Greendale is very proud to have been able to support Llexeter, and looks forward to continuing this support in the coming years.