Keeping the business park secure is a priority at Greendale Business Park. With this in mind, we contracted local firm West Country Tech to updated and install over 50 new cameras across the site. The new CCTV system includes a range of HD, smart notification security cameras and ANPR cameras.

The HD cameras provided crystal-clear images, even in low light conditions. The smart notification security cameras have advanced features such as motion detection and face recognition, providing notifications that alert our security team in case of any unusual activity. The ANPR cameras provide automatic number plate recognition at all entrances and exits, which helps to track vehicles entering and leaving the site.

The new system has a centralised control room, which allows our security team to monitor all the cameras from one location. We are able to view all cameras in real-time, providing a bird’s eye view of the entire site.

Since the new CCTV system was installed, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our security. The advanced features of the new cameras have allowed the security team to respond quickly to any potential threats, and the ANPR cameras have helped to improve the flow of traffic in and out of the site. In addition to our new CCTV system, we continue to provide out-of-hours security, with regular patrols around the park ensuring the business park remains safe and secure for all our tenants.

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