Devon’s leading craft brewers Powderkeg, and Greendale Business Park tenant, have once more put Devon beer on the map with their new low-alcohol beer. At the 2019 World Beer Awards, held in London in August, the brewery’s latest creation “Green Light” was named the UK’s best low-alcohol pale ale, beating many of the country’s biggest names to the winner’s podium.

The “low and no” category is the fastest growing sector in the beer market currently, having seen sales rocket over the last couple of years.

“All sorts of people are cottoning on to the idea. It means you can more readily enjoy a beer in far more situations – with lunch, at the end of the working day, on the beach, after sport – it just opens up your options. Of course, the key thing is flavour. There are plenty of great naturally non-alcoholic drinks available, so if you’re drinking a low-alcohol beer, it has to hit the spot in terms of taste. No one wants to feel like they’re being hard done by for choosing a low-alcohol option.”

Jess Magill, co-founder, Powderkeg Brewery

Clearly such a prestigious award, judged by some of the biggest names in the brewing industry, shows Green Light is hitting the spot on the flavour front. Head Brewer John Magill talks about how he created the product:

“Until recently, low-alcohol beer had a deserved reputation as heartless, soulless, gutless. But Green light is different. It’s made with love, by beer lovers. We’ve held the highest expectations throughout the development process, and have used our many years of brewing experience along with cutting-edge techniques to produce a beer that we’re proud to put the Powderkeg name to.”

John Magill, Owner and Head Brewer, Powderkeg Brewery

Brewed using a full mash of seven different malts, late kettle-hopped and then dry-hopped for a stunning tropical and citrus fruit finish, everything about the brewing process is designed with the mantra that only more good ingredients go in, rather than the big-industry practice of brewing a weak beer and then stripping the alcohol out, along with most of the flavour.